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A new development offers hope for addressing the global corruption problem. In 2016, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the  ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems . Created using input from existing recommendations and from countries, non-profits and esteemed multilateral institutions, the standard provides an auditable, independent benchmark of international compliance principles and enables organizations of all sizes, public or private, to prevent, detect and address bribery. To become certified , an anti-bribery management system meeting the standard’s requirements must be implemented, an individual overseeing compliance needs to be appointed, and financial controls, monitoring and reporting processes need to be in place. Audits are done over a three-year period (to ensure policies are not simply on paper) and are performed by independent certifying bodies. Numerous companies and governments have since pursued certification as ISO 37001 has increasingly become recognized as the reference for anti-bribery. Anti-corruption lawyer  Jean-Pierre Mean  says the advantage of certification is benchmarking and reassuring organizations that they have implemented effective measures. Moreover, “It also demonstrates that you have a system that works to stakeholders, personnel, shareholders, and the community at large.” Unique insight from 2,000+ contributors in 80+ Countries I agree to receive emails and other content from Fair Observer. I understand that I may repeal my consent at any time. You can review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for further information. As a sign of confidence in the standard,  prosecutors in Brazil, the US, Denmark, Switzerland and Singapore have required companies to pursue ISO 37001 certification as conditions of settlements in many lawsuits. While certification cannot guarantee bribery will not take place, it is universally recognized proof of a company’s willingness to prevent it. Companies and governments should require ISO 37001 certification from potential partners as a prerequisite to doing business, discarding superfluous and therefore suspicious self-regulation. Increased efforts to curb bribery have had varying levels of success. Government enforcement of existing laws needs to be strengthened as evidence has shown that self-regulation is flawed. The introduction of ISO 37001 as an independent standard for anti-bribery holds the most promise, but more companies and governments need to pursue certification for change to happen.

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He described the chip sector as an economic necessity and national security issue – especially given a global chip shortage that is constraining production of everything from laptop computers to automobiles. “This is a big, critical industry, and we want more of it on American soil: the jobs that we want in America, the control of our long term technology future,” Gelsinger said. He said it will be “a couple of years” before the chip industry overcomes the current backlog in demand. Politico Europe reported last week that Intel was seeking nearly $10 billion in subsidies in exchange for building a factory somewhere in Europe. The company denied that Sunday, saying “Intel has not requested a specific amount.” Intel’s spending spree follows severe deterioration of Intel’s manufacturing capabilities under its last two CEOs, Brian Krzanich and Bob Swan. The company lost its lead in advanced chip technology after successive delays to its 14-nanometer, 10nm and 7nm microprocessors caused by persistent manufacturing defects. Intel began the year deliberating publicly about whether to give up and outsource its advanced production to rivals in Asia. Instead, the company hired Gelsinger in January and embarked on an ambitious plan to revive its production technology. On Sunday, he told “60 Minutes” that Intel expects to quickly reverse its technological setbacks. “We believe it’s gonna take us a couple of years and we will be caught up,” Gelsinger said. Investment analysts have said Intel is likely to trail the industry for most of the next decade, at the least. Intel is Oregon’s largest corporate employer, with close to 21,000 people working at its Washington County campuses. It doesn’t appear that Intel plans additional expansion in Oregon to accompany its new manufacturing push. The company is winding up a multibillion-dollar expansion of its D1X research factory on its Ronler Acres manufacturing site near Hillsboro Stadium, a her response project that will add 1,750 jobs when complete late this year. That expansion, and a new, $600 million water treatment facility , appear to have filled all the large plots of land at Ronler Acres. That leaves Intel without any obvious locations for new Oregon factories. As Intel struggled to adapt to new manufacturing technologies over the past several years, it spent little on new factories and instead committed billions of dollars to buying back its own stock.