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Bruno Stadium on Friday as a 31-year-old construction worker trying to get another shot at professional baseball. He was one of about 50 hopefuls who arrived for an open tryout at the ballpark under sunny skies with temperatures in the 50s. They tried to impress Tri-City manager Pete Incaviglia, a former big-league slugger whose team is embarking on its first season in the independent Frontier League. “Baseball is something that I love, especially for the ValleyCats,” said King, who is from the Dominican Republic. King played for Tri-City in 2012, when the franchise was still a New York-Penn League affiliate of the Houston Astros. The ValleyCats lost that affiliation last winter in Major League Baseball’s restructuring and contraction of the minors. King batted .200 in 41 games for the ValleyCats and the Astros released him after the 2012 season. He settled in Lawrence, Mass., and hasn’t played professionally since. “I don’t know, I didn’t have the opportunity and I was doing other things,” he said. “Trying to get back to normal life. But baseball never disappeared for me. I said three years ago, I have to train hard, and if they have any opportunity somewhere, I go get it.” King wore a ValleyCats cap as he tried out on Friday. He ran a 60-yard dash, made throws from the outfield and took batting practice. “He graded out as the best arm from the outfield, no doubt,” Incaviglia said. “Looks like he knows what he’s doing. The swing looks like it was a little rusty, and that’s to be expected. But yeah, Emilio’s one of those guys we’ll definitely talk about.” The ValleyCats have already signed 33 players — 16 position players, 17 pitchers — for this season, which begins May 27 at Sussex County (N.J.) Their home opener is June 4 against the New Jersey Jackals. “Just got to look at the roster and see if there’s a hole somewhere where we might improve,” Incaviglia said. “If we can, then yeah, we might sign one or two guys out of this (tryout).” King was one of the older players at the tryout, which attracted mostly players in their 20s with college-level experience. Pitcher Nick Arre, 24, is a Taconic Hills graduate who used to attend ValleyCats games. He went to the University at Albany and played on the club team there.

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Idaho Statesman logo The U.S. Navy is in the process of constructing the USS Idaho, a nuclear attack submarine that will go on active service after a commissioning ceremony in the summer of 2023. Construction first began for the submarine in August, according to Richard Colburn, a retired U.S. Navy captain and the chairman of the USS Idaho Commissioning Committee. It has been more than 100 years since a U.S. Navy commissioned a vessel with Idaho’s name, as a BB-42 Battleship was launched in 1919. That ship, known as “The Big Spud,” set sail in World War II and was used in the Pacific Ocean in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, according to Colburn. The old battleship was also present for the formal surrender of the Japanese in Tokyo Bay on Sept. 2, 1945, the official end to the war. “It’s been a very long time since a ship has been named Idaho,” Colburn said Thursday. RELATED | Native Idahoans will serve on the Navy’s U.S.S Idaho nuclear submarine The new USS Idaho will be much different than the last. A Virginia-class submarine, the USS Idaho will cost around $2.6 billion and is scheduled to be in service for three decades, according to the commissioning committee. The submarine will be 377 feet long and will have 120 enlisted crew members and 14 officers. Colburn and the committee are raising funds to pay for the submarine’s 2023 commissioning ceremony, as well as habitability improvements for the crew and support programs for crew and their families. “When you step on the submarine we want it to look like Idaho and we want them to take part of Idaho with them,” Colburn said, and that’s part of what the committee is trying to do. Though the commissioning click this date is two years away, the committee is looking forward to having a ship commemorating Idaho in the waters. RELATED | Retired navy veteran building full-scale submarine model in his garage Colburn said the new sub will be one of the most advanced underwater vessels once it is launched. Among the different points of discussion regarding the new USS Idaho is its nickname. The possible monikers, Colburn said, range from the more orthodox to a play on the prior ship’s name.